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So a person with a piss fetish says to their friend who doesn’t have a piss fetish “I’m going to the bathroom”

Then pauses and goes “but no omo, bro”

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The first one is Hannah, and she really likes to indulge Donney in his little side. She always puts him in diapers if he has an accident, and tries to comfort him/make him feel better.

Sandra is way tougher. She makes sure that Donney tries to hold it as long as possible, and that if he…

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I really want to see boys in cute lingerie wetting themselves omg

via Oh No Omo.
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talk to me about omorashi

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I set up a GoFundMe in order to help a bit with saving for my meal plan. Please reblog and spread it around! It would help so much!

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Anonymous said: so, are u not into black butler anymore?

I am? Lol did I say something to imply that cuz I don’t remember. If you’re talking about the lack of omo with it, all I can say is that I’ve reblogged probably all of it at some point in time. But I still like it and am looking forward to the circus arc anime

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this is most awkward pic of Levi i posted lol…but i like it..


this is most awkward pic of Levi i posted lol…but i like it..


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Anonymous said: Maybe you don't want to hear this idk but one time I was going on a road trip with my boyfriend and he was all squirmy and cute and I asked him what's wrong but I already knew and he said he had to pee and there was a store near by but they didn't let him use the toilet cause it was employees only and we got back into the car and half an hour later he peed himself and it was the best thing ever//

That’s so great like damn
What a thing to see

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ohnoomo said: hi there i just started my kinky blog and i was wondering if you could give me a shout out maybe? cause honestly i have no idea how to get followers and I'll be doing drawing rquests soon~ (im sorry if this is annoying U n U)

Hell yeah I will
Yooo everyone you should follow this person they have cute NSFW posts and omo what’s not to love

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